the Interactive Consultation

Constitution for Scotland

Dedicated to conducting and administering a public consultation on the content and subsequent promotion into legislation of a Constitution endorsed by credible numbers of Scottish citizens.

The Westminster style of government no longer works for Scotland – but before we leave to join the Commonwealth of Independent Nations, let’s have a well thought out alternative in place.

We offer you an opportunity to shape the future of Scotland through its Constitution.

On our website you can:

  • comment on our Model Constitution;
  • propose alternative wording; and,
  • comment on changes proposed by others.


There is now a reasonable expectation that within this generation Scotland will decide to leave the United Kingdom and once again become independent.

The decision once taken, will trigger a chain of events which may take months or years to reach a final settlement. 

Left to their own devices the political establishment will exercise its traditional prerogative to decide what is best for the people potentially leading to a clone of the familiar two-party system seen at Westminster and under devolution in Holyrood to a lesser degree.

In several countries the people themselves have been active in drafting their constitutions, setting the direction of travel for their parliament.  

We offer you the chance to do the same.

How it works

The Model Constitution sets out the conditions under which the people agree to be governed. It lays down the basic principles of the State, the structures, and processes of government, defines the limits within which our politicians, at all levels, must operate and the fundamental rights of citizens in a higher law that cannot be unilaterally changed by an ordinary legislative act.

The MODEL CONSTITUTION is arranged in a framework of Articles and Sections in a conventional website but BY REGISTERING you will be whisked off to an interactive hub where you can SEARCH FOR topics of interest post comments, propose amendments and participate in a voting process which will automatically rank all the amendments by popular vote. The interactive hub is managed and its GUIDELINES FOR USE will be available once you have registered and signed in. 

The Model Constitution is therefore constantly evolving so you can return again and again to see the latest vote counts and rankings.

You can also let us know through a QUICK POLL whether you like this approach.

You can get involved - make suggestions or comment.

Zoom Presentation

If you represent an interest group, we offer a live ‘Guest Speaker” introduction, demonstration and Q&A session within your own Zoom meeting.
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