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Constitution for Scotland

Dedicated to conducting and administering a public consultation on the content and subsequent promotion into legislation of a Constitution endorsed by credible numbers of Scottish citizens.

The Westminster style of government no longer works for Scotland – but before we leave to join the Commonwealth of Independent Nations, let’s have a well thought out alternative in place.

The Constitution sets out the conditions under which the people agree to be governed. It lays down the basic principles of the State, the structures, and processes of government, defines the limits within which our politicians, at all levels, must operate and the fundamental rights of citizens in a higher law that cannot be unilaterally changed by an ordinary legislative act.

Such documents are usually the province of politicians and lawyers, but in keeping with the Declaration of Arbroath these fundamental principles are set out here in clear terms and in the form of a Model Constitution.

This provides a framework of Articles and Sections each of which is a seamless link to greater detail and then onward links to the Interactive Hub where every citizen is encouraged to post comments, propose amendments to Sections and participate in a voting process which will automatically rank all the amendments by popular vote..

Clicking an Article of interest in the Summary takes you to the interactive hub – but before diving into the action click the Guidelines tab – a few minutes invested here will give you a head start.

The Constitution is constantly evolving so you can return again and again to see the latest vote counts and rankings. Once registered, you may vote once only on the original wording and/or on any of the proposed amendments – right up until Independence Day!

If you decide to participate please use The Quick Poll to tell the Constitutional Convention that you support the principle of Citizen Participation in drafting the Constitution. There is a link at the end of the Summary and a tab in the Activity Hub.

And when it’s done – unedited by media moguls or party politics, it will provide the primary focus of a formal Constitutional Convention.

You can get involved - make suggestions or comment.


The Model Constitution

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Comments and Proposals

Each Section in the Model Constitution links to the Consultation Hub. Click a section number to see the contributions.


Read the Guidelines

Read the Guidelines then Register to be able to record your Quick Vote, make comments and proposals.

Zoom Presentation

If you represent an interest group, we offer a live ‘Guest Speaker” introduction, demonstration and Q&A session within your own Zoom meeting.
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With acknowledgements to Jock Ferguson of Herald Events,  Colin Maxwell & Kevin MacLeod. Thank you..

700 years ago The Declaration of Arbroath evoked the principle of Popular Democracy. That principle was enshrined in the Claim of Right Act 1689, confirmed by the Scottish Parliament in 2012 and by the House of Commons in 2018.

Today that same principle vests the authority to govern squarely with the People – to whom Members of Parliament are accountable at all times.
The place to consider this is Article 1 Section 2 – (1.2) where there is provision for comment & voting on proposed amendments. Go there now!