the Interactive Consultation

Constitution for Scotland

Dedicated to conducting and administering a public consultation on the content and subsequent promotion into legislation of a Constitution endorsed by credible numbers of Scottish citizens.


Please note that the Help here deals with this conventional static part of the website. When you click a link which takes you into the ‘interactive’ areas where you vote & comment etc. there is a different Help tab.

You can choose from two levels of engagement; both start with the Home page then clicking the tab and going to the Constitution page. In the first instance read the brief Summary of the Model Constitution. Each Article is a link to further detail. 

If you are content with this please use your Quick Vote to endorse the objectives of the Model Constitution and its consultative process. You will be prompted to register and verify (to avoid multiple voting – and remember to check your junk/spam folder for this). That concludes Level One but ou may now sign in at any time – either just to vote in individual Sections or do the entire Level Two experience.

Level Two uses the Summary as an index of links which lead to progressively greater detail finally arriving at the interactive page dedicated to each individual Section. This is where Comments, Amendments and Voting on individual Sections is accommodated. Vote for or against the Original Section or the amendments because the system automatically ranks them by popular vote – the more votes the more it represents the will of the people!