the Interactive Consultation

Constitution for Scotland

Dedicated to conducting and administering a public consultation on the content and subsequent promotion into legislation of a Constitution endorsed by credible numbers of Scottish citizens.

How it Works

As a superficial description it would work like these two dummy examples:

Example 1.

Suppose you feel that referenda are the ultimate demonstration of democracy but when the result is very close is it still the best solution?

Type the subject i.e. ‘referendum’ into the Searchbox. In the results, read what the current content is.

You decide to propose a new Section (a maximum of 75 words).

Go to the Proposed New Section area then type your message and proposed amendment – for example:

‘Any referendum called in terms of this Constitution shall require a minimum of 80% of the electorate to cast a vote and a majority of 55% of vote cast in order to require enactment of the appropriate legislation.’

Subject to standard monitoring procedures a unique reference identification will attach to your blog and be added to the searchable base under referendum.
If in due course this proposal receives credible support a new Section will be added to the draft and become open to the standard vote & amend procedures.

Example 2.

Where you would like to propose an amendment rather than an entirely new Section:

A search for ‘die with dignity’ lists Section 2.5 that has the content:

‘The right to life is protected. The death penalty is prohibited. All persons have the right to die with dignity and to request assistance to end their lives.’

Immediately below this section appear all the proposed amendments to date ranked in order of secure votes cast. If none of these meet your case you can decide to write an amendment.
The total number of words in each section must not exceed 75.

A click brings up a blank Vote & Amend panel.
Add your amendment; for example you may decide to write after ‘end their lives’:

‘It shall remain unlawful to render such assistance to any person for selfish motives and/or if that person does not freely and physically participate in the lethal act.’

Subject to standard monitoring this automatically appears at the top of the rankings for 24 hours and may be voted upon before automatically being placed in ranking order.


Every registered User has one vote per section which can be re-allocated any number of times.
A vote previously cast is automatically deducted from the previous counter and added to the current location.

The consultation remains active and open right up until Independence Day.

Constitution for Scotland

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