the Interactive Consultation

Constitution for Scotland

Dedicated to conducting and administering a public consultation on the content and subsequent promotion into legislation of a Constitution endorsed by credible numbers of Scottish citizens.


Since the launch of our public consultation platform in September 2020, we have had several articles appearing in the media and these can be read by clicking on the live links below.

Orkney News

October 2020: “Developing a Written Constitution for Scotland”.

The National

We have had a series of monthly articles in The National to focus on our Model Constitution, to encourage debate and to draw the links with public policy:

November 2020:  “How to play your part in shaping our independent Scotland”, which introduced Constitution for Scotland and how the people can draft our constitution.

December 2020: ”A Scottish constitution is a matter for all of us, here’s how to have your say, which focussed on your rights as a citizen, sovereignty of the people and the territory of Scotland.

January 2021:  “Why Scotland’s new constitution cannot wait until after independence”, which focussed on the Head of State, the organisation of the Parliament and how the electorate would be represented.

February 2021: Scottish independence: How a new constitution can protect Scots democracy, which focussed on the law-making process, recall of an MP and public petitions. 

March 2021:  “How an independent Scotland could have a real democracy, which focussed on the    Structure of Government and Public Finance.

April 2021: ”Now is the time to write the rule book for an independent Scotland” , which focussed on the judiciary and amending the Constitution.

May 2021: ”How will an Indy Scotland hold its politicians accountable?” , which focussed on audit and accountability.

June 2021:  “Our post-independence democracy should let all play their part”, which focussed on local government and referendums.

July 2021:   “Are those in power adhering to the principles of their party?” may be downloaded here.

August 2021:  “How can we ensure fairer land ownership after independence?”, which focussed on Natural Resources, Climate and Environment, Land Registration and Wildlife Protection.

September 2021:  “Just look at a map to see the potential of an Indy Scotland”, which focussed on Defence, Policing, Emergency Powers and banning Nuclear and Biological Weapons.

October 2021:   “Who says Scotland isn’t getting ready to run its own country?”, which focussed on public participation and citizens assemblies.

November 2021: “How a written constitution would rebalance democracy in Scotland” which touched on social justice, opportunities and democracy.

December 2021: “The to-do list for an independent Scotland is long – so let’s get started” which introduced the idea of a Preamble to the Constitution.

January 2022:  “If you care about the future of Scotland, join our conversation” which introduced democratic representation and economic wellbeing.

February 2022: “Will an independent Scotland continue with Westminster’s ‘indirect democracy?”’ which focussed on local authorities and community councils.

March 2022: “We have made new additions to our work on a Scots constitution”, which detailed some of the recent changes to our draft.

April 2022: “Scotland needs effective local government – as Abba line highlights” which presented some ideas as we approach local government elections.

May 2022: “Constitution: Here’s where we should aim to be more like Norway” which featured land tenure, subsidiarity and the size of councils.

June 2022:   “How our constitution could make politicians more accountable” which focussed on accountability in public life.

July 2022:  “Self Determination is Scotland’s right in international law” giving a focus on our status as a nation and the Claim of Right.

August 2022: “There’s no need for a national debt, now or with Scottish independence”  reminded us to  use the constitution to prepare for a better country.   

October 2022:  “We need to be ready if the next General Election is to be a de facto referendum” which nudged us towards developing a plan now.

November 2022: “How we can start to give answers to Scottish independence don’t knows” showed that the focus needs to be on the politics and not the laws.

January 2023:  “Written constitution could help human rights under attack in the UK” explained how rights can be protected, with social justice paramount.

April 2023:  “An independent Scotland needs a written constitution – here’s why”, identified ten themes, being reasons why we need a written constitution.

May 2023:  “Should Scotland have a hereditary or an elected head of state?”, asked the question before Charles was offered the Honours of Scotland.  

June 2023 “AI: How can we keep control in an independent Scotland?”, offered an interesting potential use for Artificial Intelligence.

November 2023: “Scottish constitution should include the right to free healthcare”, argued that investment in healthcare is good for the economy as well as our health

The Herald:  Neil Mackay’s “Big Read” on 29 November 2020; “It’s now time to have the conversation about creating a Scottish constitution”.

iScot December 2020 edition

Saor Alba issue number 34 in October 2020

Scots Independent November 2020 edition

The Nation Talks:  Chair Robert Ingram was interviewed on John Drummond’s TNT show on 10 March 2021 which you can view on YouTube here.